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Why Do You Let Me Stay Here- Zooey Deschanel


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Ladies and gentlemen, my best friend, the prettiest. <3

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Love and Misadventure

gif by rainbowinmycoffee

Love and Misadventure

gif by rainbowinmycoffee

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Surreal photography by Laura Williams

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Garden of the Arcane Delights.

by ~Azenoire

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Let the magic rain

With a blanket made of stars

To wrap the both of us

As we fell into the light

Our worlds collide

Yes that’s the way that our worlds collide

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Surrealistic portraits by Anna 

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Someday you will find me

I haven’t gone too far

I miss the way we were back then

How we laughed

I can feel you in my heart 

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From: Natsumi Hayashi

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 Looks like a deluded forest

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Photography by Fiddle Oak

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